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    The perfect building is cost-effective, comfortable, functional and safe. We at KAEFER offer innovative solutions and systems for these requirements.


    1. Airports, Train stations, Stadiums
    2. Hospitals
    3. Data centres, Research institutes
    4. Shopping centres, Hotels, Office buildings, Public buildings
    5. Production facilities for all industries, Shipyards

    In the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment or alteration of existing properties there are a number of basic requirements which have to be met, regardless of the specific use:

    • Compliance with statutory regulations, e.g. for escape routes
    • Optimal fire protection for human lives, assets and data
    • Greater safety thanks to the use of tested and approved fire-protection systems
    • Low operating costs for cost-effective operations
    • Acoustic shielding of noise sources within buildings
    • Pleasant thermal and acoustic atmosphere inside the building
    • Modern, economical and energy-efficient architecture and façade
    Franz Josef Strauß Airport, Munich, KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    Franz Josef Strauß Airport, Munich – KAEFER was part of a consortium carrying out complex hot and cold insulation and fire protection work. The contract included hot and cold insulation, fire protection for pipe penetrations, fire dampers, L-90 encasing of air ducts, grouting and sealing wall penetrations of all kinds and trace heating for external supply lines to passenger bridges.

    With carefully coordinated concepts for hot and cold insulation, noise and fire protection, KAEFER enables the cost-effective operation of buildings where people feel safe and comfortable.

    Klinikum Nürnberg KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    Klinikum Nürnberg - KAEFER was contracted to carry out extensive insulation and fire protection work. Insulation was fitted to 38,800 m of plumbing and 28,000 m of piping for the heating and air-conditioning system. Other work included 7,600 fire-proof penetrations and the insulation of ventilation ducts for the air-handling unit. A total of 19,400 sq m of air ducts were insulated.

    Our experts have been closely involved with passive fire protection in buildings and industrial facilities for many years. Special concepts for enclosures and firestops are tested in extensive trials before we offer them to our customers. We also apply our expertise to support independent consultants and experts in this area.

    Allianz Arena München Brandschutz KAEFER Industrie GmbH
    Allianz Arena München Brandschutz KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    Allianz Arena Munich – KAEFER insulated some 28,000 sq m of hot and cold piping, 45,000 sq m of ventilation pipes, fitted L90 fire protection to 7,500 sq m of air ducts, sealed 2,400 m of fire dampers and installed some 1,000 L90 inspection hatches for the kitchen ventilation ducts. Around 9,400 L90 penetrations were also carried out to accompany the piping. All the work was completed within 18 months.

    A good façade fits perfectly with its surroundings, has first-class noise control and insulation characteristics and is particularly durable. In addition it should be cost-effective and as sustainable as possible. Taking these considerations into account we offer you façade systems which are able to adapt to meet your needs. From the first calculations by our engineers through to on-site installation by qualified KAEFER fitters, you can rely on quality from KAEFER.

    Lehrter Bahnhof Berlin KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    In an age of digitalisation, data centres are the linchpins of the economy, research and public life. To ensure the technology functions smoothly and that stored data is really safe, data centres need perfect climatic conditions and the utmost in passive fire protection. Our high standards for safety and quality make KAEFER a dependable partner for the construction or modification of data centres and IT departments – from the first competent analysis and advice though to planning, execution, documentation and acceptance.


    Stachus Centre, Munich

    Stachus Centre, Munich

    Organising thousands of components in a building site 5 storeys underground
    Stachus Centre, Munich

    Stachus Centre, Munich

    Organising thousands of components in a building site 5 storeys underground