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    Documentation and maintenance

    Two problems taken care of – documentation and maintenance

    As the fire safety officer you have a great responsibility and must permanently comply with new standards for fire sections, fire safety targets, documentation and maintenance in your buildings and facilities. We can relieve you of some of this responsibility and reduce your expenses at the same time. For you that means greater safety and lower costs.

    Pyroman Feuer Brandschutz

    Fire safety installations are mostly invisible to the users of buildings and plants and therefore difficult to document. With our thorough, standardised documentation of all fire protection work you can prove at any time where and when which work was carried out. You ensure precise compliance with statutory and insurance requirements and so protect yourself against claims in the event of a fire.

    The principle is as simple as it is efficient: by linking the building plans, database and photographic documentation, our system tracks the servicing intervals and entire maintenance process, which lays the foundation for cost-effective implementation.

    The functions at a glance:

    • Visual inspection of work on the screen
    • Management of photos (before and after)
    • Tracking of all fire safety data (planning, data collection, servicing)
    • Building plans are integrated at the touch of a button
    • Current fire safety documentation with a mouseclick
    • Management of projects and project members
    • Administration of technical specifications, plans, bids and contracts for the project
    • EAN code generated for individual work sections
    • Generation and printing of barcode labels
    • Auditable scan protocols (PyroScan)
    • Mobile data collection on pocketPC with integrated barcode scanner
    • Support in all project phases with selective reports, measurements, installation lists and analyses
    • Administration of all fire safety manufacturers and product data
    Aufkleber Brandschutz

    Documentation and servicing from KAEFER stands for lower costs and greater reliability.

    When it comes to fire safety there is a lot we can do for you.

    Fire safety work:

    All the fire safety work we carry out for you can be documented during installation in order to create optimal conditions for future servicing and subsequent work.

    • Coatings
    • Ceilings and walls
    • Façades
    • Casings
    • Flaps
    • Ventilation units
    • Smoke and heat extractors
    • Penetrations
    • Seals
    • Spray-on fire protection
    • Enclosures for girders, air ducts, cable penetrations and pipelines
    • Doors and gates

    Documentation and servicing:

    The key to efficient documentation and servicing is a seamless system. It minimises transfer and collection errors and ensures you receive fast installation with greater safety.

    • Planning
    • Data collection
    • Documentation
    • Servicing and maintenance

    System components:

    Because we are experts in fire safety, our documentation and servicing also covers functions that are not part of our core business, such as:

    • Smoke detectors
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Door control systems
    • Emergency lighting
    • Hydrants