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    Electrical trace heating systems

    The best insurance against frost damage

    Electrical trace heating can provide reliable protection against frost or keep media at a constant temperature. Temperatures play a vital role in our core insulation business-, and many of our long-standing customers feel very comfortable in the knowledge that we at KAEFER ensure a perfect match between insulation and thermal control.

    There are many industrial applications for electrical trace heating:

    • Tanks and vessels
    • Pipelines
    • Pumps, instruments and fittings
    • Valves
    • Flue gas scrubbers
    Biodieselanlage Elektrische Begleitheizung

    Electrical trace heating, pipeline on a biodiesel plant

    Our experienced and qualified team is supported by experts for trace heating systems: together they offer the right system for every requirement and install all components professionally on site.

    • Mineral insulated heating for high temperature ranges
    • Self-limiting heating strips
    • Fixed-resistance heating cables

    Trace heating is also used as a dependable temperature control in buildings:

    • Gutters
    • Floors
    • Water pipes
    • Concrete areas
    • Cold stores

    Make use of the benefits:

    • One-stop fitting of heating circuit and insulation
    • Optimised coordination of trace heating and insulation contractors
    • Competent partner for planning, dimensioning and connection work
    • Cost savings thanks to joint coordination and assembly
    • KAEFER quality and reliability
    Isolierung einer beheizten Rohrleitung, elektrische Begleitheizung, Begleitheizungssystem, KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    Insulation of a heated pipeline, electric trace heating

    By selecting different combinations of heating and insulation technology we will find the perfect solution for your plant or building too. Talk to us so that we can make you an individual offer that gives you maximum security and cuts your operating costs.