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    Energy efficiency for industry

    Insulate once – profit for years to come

    The example of this thermos flask shows clearly how much energy can be lost over a relatively small area. Around 10% of all surfaces in industrial plants are not insulated or their insulation is damaged or obsolete (source: Ecofys study). The savings potential represented by these energy losses is equivalent to the annual consumption of some 10 million private households.

    Isolierkanne Energieeffizienz KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    What's steaming here is precious energy

    We are working to eliminate this energy waste. An energy audit from KAEFER enables our customers to realise economic benefits and make a contribution to climate protection at the same time.

    Cost-effective insulation is a sustainable, low-cost measure and often pays for itself in less than a year.

    Armatur mit Flasch ungedämmt KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    Valve and flange with no insulation – uninsulated areas are marked red

    We take a close look to identify the weak points in the thermal energy budget of industrial facilities and so generate additional savings potential. In an energy audit we systematically identify losses of heat and cold, perform a number of calculations and analyse all the findings on the basis of operating hours and your current energy costs.

    First you select which areas of your plant we should include in the audit. In five steps we then examine these areas closely and analyse the data. In a customised report we document the situation in your plant in a transparent and well-structured form. The results can provide confirmation that your energy budget is being well managed or else give valuable information about the weaknesses in your energy management.
    It is then entirely up to you over which period a new insulation should pay for itself.

    Die thermografischen Aufnahmen machen sowohl Schwachstellen als auch die Erfolge von Dämmmaßnahmen sichtbar KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    The thermographic photos show both weak points and the success of insulation work

    For our customers with DIN EN ISO 50001 certification there are further benefits in addition to the annual savings, because our energy audit and the efficient insulation of your plant are potential activities for your energy management system.

    Test a pilot energy audit with us

    1. Start
    In a preliminary meeting we gain an initial overview, request the relevant plant data and clarify the next steps.

    2. Measurement
    On the basis of the first meeting we measure the surface temperatures and dimensions on site at your plant.

    3. Calculation
    Using these measurements our engineers calculate the energy losses and devise cost-effective solutions.

    4. Analysis
    This step entails aggregating the results of the calculations and identifying the potential savings.

    5. Recommendation
    The audit ends with a recommendation for making more efficient use of the energy expended in your company.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Objectivity and transparency from certified TIPCHECK engineers
    • Tailor-made insulation solutions
    • Cost-effective use of heat and cold
    • Lasting reduction in operating costs
    • Subsidies and tax benefits from DIN EN ISO 50001 certification
    • Climate protection thanks to sustainable savings of energy and CO2
    Mit einem Flugroboter Oktokopter gelangt die Messtechnikauch an schwer erreichbare Anlagenteile

    With the help of an octocopter drone it is possible to measure areas that would otherwise be hard to reach.


    Your direct contact to KAEFER


    This sample calculation with real measurements from a single valve shows clearly the kind of savings that are possible.

    Rechenbeispiel mit realen Messwerten KAEFER Industrie GmbH
    Energy efficiency for industry - German brochure

    Energy efficiency for industry - German brochure

    Insulation pays off – maybe faster than you think
    Energy efficiency for industry - German brochure

    Energy efficiency for industry - German brochure

    Insulation pays off – maybe faster than you think
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