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    Industrial façades

    Protected against wind, weather and energy waste

    The façades of modern industrial buildings and operating facilities are real all-rounders: they offer protection against precipitation, heat and cold; they ensure a constant operating temperature; they reduce noise and in addition they have excellent passive fire protection characteristics.

    At your request, we can assist you from the first planning phase onwards with our specialist knowledge, experience and a highly trained team. Our engineers will develop for you a tailor-made, effective solution that is functional and cost-effective.

    KAEFER Industrie GmbH façades

    Your new façade can do more than you think

    All efficient insulation begins with determining the cost-effective thickness and selecting the right materials. This applies just as much to the façade as to a tank or a pipeline. Structural requirements, fire safety regulations and acoustic properties are further parameters to be taken into account when designing façades. Finally, every façade should blend in well with its surroundings and make a positive statement as an architectural feature.

    Production hall with sandwich façade for synthetic-resin bonded stone plates, Magdeburger Artolith GmbH KAEFER

    Production hall with sandwich façade for synthetic-resin bonded stone plates, Magdeburger Artolith GmbH

    Fire protection plays a vital role in the planning of industrial and office buildings. Sensitive areas are reliably protected for a defined period by establishing what are known as fire compartments. With our wide selection of materials and structures we give architects and designers the creative freedom they need with maximum fire protection. Our systems are subjected to our own fire tests and approved by neutral testing institutes.

    Insulation and cladding of façade on a new production hall, KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    Insulation and cladding of 7,000 m² of façade on a new production hall (54m long, 31m wide and 27m high), C-cassettes screwed to steel framework, insulation installed, exterior cladding with trapezoidal sheet metal

    Noise control is becoming increasingly important in the construction and refurbishment of industrial façades. Strict emission regulations exist to protect people and the environment from rising levels of noise. Our noise control experts not only ensure the best noise protection on exterior façades, but also better acoustics inside the building. With enclosures, silencers, baffles and hoods, for example, we make it possible for employees to set aside their ear protection for a time or permanently while they work, without risking their health.

    Façades are exposed to all kinds of weather, day in, day out. Wind and snow alternate constantly with UV radiation and rainwater. To ensure this has no adverse consequences, we at KAEFER carefully match all the components of the building's exterior. It starts with the choice of the right materials, continues with dependable fastening systems and ends with on-site installation by our qualified fitters.

    When it comes to façades, architects and clients get first-class advice, design and installation from a single source with KAEFER.