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    Special solutions

    For us the challenge starts where standard products reach their limits

    Many of our customers repeatedly ask us to solve new challenges to provide effective and approved protection for their staff and plant. They range from fire protection for facilities with an increased risk of explosions to improvements during ongoing operations and the execution of work under particularly difficult conditions

    We do everything possible to ensure that our fire safety experts can find a solution for even the most difficult tasks. A central department coordinates international knowledge transfer and carries out detailed reviews of the new materials, systems and technical innovations that come to market. Before we offer you a new technical solution, we carry out tests in our own laboratory to ensure that you as the customer and fire safety officer, can always rely on the first-class quality of our work.

    Fire safety solutions for special requirements:

    • Temperatures of up to 1,500 ┬░C
    • Working under difficult conditions
    • Large dimensions up to DN 800
    • Inaccessible and narrow areas
    • Mechanical strains due to vibrations and moving parts
    • Resistance against pool or jet fires
    • Impermeability against liquids and/or gases
    • Connections to tanks, columns, vessels, fittings, valves and inspection hatches
    • Fire protection on conveyors
    • Smoke and heat extractors
    • Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
    • Plants with special hygiene standards
    • Short installation times with minimum emissions thanks to prefabrication and pre-assembly

    With modular seals, compensators, backfilled ducts and our in-house fire boxes ENERGY Firecover® we provide effective technical solutions for areas where standard systems reach their limits.