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    Spray insulation

    Efficient insulation for turbines

    Special insulation for special conditions

    Steam and gas turbines have two things in common: high temperatures and severe noise production. Effective turbine insulation has a lot to do: it has to minimise energy losses for the sake of cost-effectiveness, it has to eliminate the risk of anyone getting burnt and it has to get noise levels down below the statutory limits.

    Alstom Power GmbH, RWE Kraftwerk Neurath Blöcke F und G, Spritzisolierung zweier Turbinen

    Alstom Power GmbH, RWE Kraftwerk Neurath Blocks F and G, spray insulation of two turbines, Copyright: Alstom

    As a long-standing partner of well-known power plant operators, KAEFER has looked closely at insulation solutions for steam and gas turbines and offers a tailor-made system for every requirement. We will be happy to advise you on whether sprayed-, mattress or conventional insulation is the best solution for your plant. Get in touch with us.

    Sprayed insulation

    KAEFER has developed a special mineral fibre spray method (KAE 140/bio-soluble) for insulating steam turbines without asbestos, which has many advantages.

    Advantages of sprayed insulation Advantages of mattress insulation
    Removal and refit of a non-flammable, homogeneous, seamless insulation layer Non-flammable, homogeneous, seamless insulation layer
    Reusable after inspection No cracks due to heat tension and vibration
    Clean installation and removal No construction drawings necessary
    No additional equipment needed Reduced heat bridges due to suspended framework
    No dust production Short curing time
    Operations can be resumed immediately Fast plant availability
    Constant insulation thickness on all elements
    Noise level reduced
    Good adhesion without surface priming

    The spray insulation is applied directly on site. A steel core stabilises the underside, whereas the upper side is self-supporting. A joint connects the two sides and armoured webbing ensures that the layers form a stable compound.

    Alstom Power GmbH, Vattenfall Kraftwerk Boxberg Block R, Spritzisolierung einer Turbine, Copyright: Alstom

    Alstom Power GmbH, Vattenfall Boxberg power plant Block R, spray insulation on a turbine, Copyright: Alstom


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