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    Surface protection

    Surface protection

    Surface protection

    Surface protection


    Corrosion reduces the useful life of assets in almost all industries and is one of the main causes of high maintenance costs. In our core insulation business we have to deal with corrosion on a daily basis. In order to offer our customers first-class service packages from a single source, we can also take care of protecting your plant against corrosion with our own team or with the support of dependable partners.

    KAEFER Industrie GmbH Corrosion protection

    Anti-corrosive coatings | Applications

    KAEFER has developed various technical solutions to protect plant and buildings against corrosion, extend their useful life and make their operations more cost-effective.

    It all begins with the exact analysis of the media and materials that encourage corrosion. In the next stage a suitable coating system is defined and the surface correctly prepared to receive the coating. Then an anti-corrosive coating is applied in several layers to provide durable surface protection.

    With the anti-corrosive coating the surfaces are protected for a long time against corrosion by rain water, condensation or chemical compounds, depending on the area of application.

    The protective coating is generally built up of three layers:

    1. 1. Foundation or primer coat (e.g. zinc-based as active corrosion protection)
      It ensures optimal adhesion on a properly prepared surface and constitutes the primary corrosion protection.
    2. 2. The second coating (e.g an epoxy with barrier pigmentation)
      It reduces the diffusion of corrosive compounds and increases the mechanical resistance of the coating.
    3. 3. A covering layer (e.g. of UV-resistant polyurethane)
      It forms the final wrapping, determines the colouring and provides effective protection against wind and weather.

    One special case of corrosion protection is what is known as "corrosion under insulation" or CUI. Based on its long experience of this scenario KAEFER has developed its own solutions to deal with the interactions between insulation and corrosion protection. Individual KAEFER solutions can be provided after examining the material, the operating conditions and the environment.

    The areas of application for anti-corrosive coatings are many and varied.

    Here are some examples:

    • Oil and gas industry
    • Power plants and other energy utilities
    • Bridges and other structures subject to severe mechanical strains and weather conditions
    • Cellulose mills and companies in the paper and timber industries
    • Fish factories and other food businesses
    • Offshore facilities (including maintenance services from KAEFER)

    Corrosion protection with polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE/Teflon)

    Our own PTFE coating plant in Norway enables us to apply thermally and mechanically resistant PTFE coatings to mobile components such as fittings, pipes, pumps, screws, flanges etc. on behalf of our customers.


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