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    Air handling units provide the air we breathe

    When we say we need something "like the air we breathe", then it means it is of vital importance. Statistics put the number of deaths by fire in Germany at around 600 a year and about 95% of these fatalities are not due to burns but to smoke poisoning.

    Air handling technology in our buildings normally ensure a steady supply of fresh air and pleasant temperatures. In the event of a fire, however, poisonous smoke and gases can spread rapidly throughout the building via the complex system of ventilation ducts.

    Brandschutz Luftkanäle in einem Sportstadion (Allianz Arena)

    To make sure this does not happen, we at KAEFER carefully seal the fire sections in the building with smoke and heat extractors, flaps, panelling and ducts and ensure that the fire safety targets are met for every part of the building or facility. In the event of a fire this gives you valuable time to evacuate the building and fight the fire.

    Fire protection from KAEFER for air handling systems

    • Flaps
    • Seals
    • Panelling
    • Plumbing ducts
    • Smoke and heat extractors
    Franz Josef Strauß Airport, Munich, KAEFER Industrie GmbH

    Franz Josef Strauß Airport, Munich – KAEFER was part of a consortium carrying out complex hot and cold insulation and fire protection work. The contract included hot and cold insulation, fire protection for pipe penetrations, fire dampers, L-90 encasing of air ducts, grouting and sealing wall penetrations of all kinds and trace heating for external supply lines to passenger bridges.

    With the right components and combinations of different materials we find the right solution for all the fire safety requirements of your air handling system.